SATURDAY INTENSIVE: Cool Blues in the Summer Heat: Dyeing with Indigo

SATURDAY INTENSIVE: Cool Blues in the Summer Heat: Dyeing with Indigo


The weekend intensive fabric or yarn dyeing class has a 10 person maximum.

Have you wanted to learn about how the color Indigo in Indian textiles was made? This organic safe process is an ancient art that has been passed down from generation to generation. Japan and India have a long history of using this brilliant colored blue on fabric. In this course we will be creating silk scarves like the ones pictured. Shibori is a form of resist dyeing. Certain areas are pinched, sewn or blocked out to prevent the dye from penetrating the fabric. The scarf retains areas of white, while the rest of the scarf is dyed a deep indigo blue. This textile workshop will introduce you to traditional Indian textiles. Come away with a silky scarf that can be given away as a gift or worn to accent any outfit..

Working with Indigo: Indigo is known for its signature shade. Blue jeans are the closest to this natural wild occurring color. We will look at the plants and discuss the powder that is used to create Indigo. The art of Shibori is a classic Japanese process. Using blocks, binding, and sewing; artisans stop the dye from penetrating certain areas of the cloth. This creates a multitude of patterns including hexagons, diamonds, and even flowers.

Date: Saturday, August 24

Time: 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Location: 5719 Kingswood Court, Bethesday, MD 20814

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