Indian woodblocks from scratch: Create your own block

Indian woodblocks from scratch: Create your own block


Indian woodblocks from scratch has a 2 person minimum, 6 person maximum. Classes are by appointment. Email

Have you ever wanted to make your own fabric? What if you could make a pattern that could be reused and printed over and over again easily for an event, party, or just to make fabric or wrapping paper? In this series of classes students will learn how to carve and create Indian woodblocks. Using existing block as inspiration, students will discuss traditional Indian motifs and their basis in nature.  We will examine how to create repeating forms successfully and we will talk about registration (placing the block in the same place to create an even repeating pattern.) The first part of this workshop will  cover principles of surface design, and Indian motif creation. We will then design, create, and carve a unique block.

In the second part students will print and finalize their own personal block that they will keep and use as many times as they want.

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