SATURDAY INTENSIVE: Tea and Textiles : Advanced Indian Woodblock printing, & Indigo Shibori Class:

SATURDAY INTENSIVE: Tea and Textiles : Advanced Indian Woodblock printing, & Indigo Shibori Class:


Saturday intensive advanced Indian woodblock printing is a limited enrollment program. Minimum 2 students, maximum 6 students.

Have you ever looked at Indian saris or Japanese blue cloth and wondered how they were made? The intricate patterns and the signature colors were developed through the use of organic dyes and hours of craftsmanship. In this advanced class we will cover BOTH topics and break these classic processes down into steps. Participants will learn the history and practical application of these cultural textiles, and will create a textile piece for each process. Students will:

See and learn about multiple natural dyes and dye colors, look over different dyestuff
Prepare a vat of Indigo dye
Learn about techniques to bind, block out, and design shibori fabric (Bandhani and folding patterns)
Design a textile piece to dye
Enjoy High tea and Indian snacks
Design a piece of fabric and learn how to block print
Observe a carving demonstration
Print your textile art onto a piece of fabric

Working with Indigo: Indigo is known for its signature shade. Blue jeans are the closest to this natural wild occurring color. We will look at the plants and discuss the powder that is used to create Indigo. The art of Shibori is a classic Japanese process. Using blocks, binding, and sewing; artisans stop the dye from penetrating certain areas of the cloth. This creates a multitude of patterns including hexagons, diamonds, and even flowers.

Indian Woodblock carving and printing: Rajasthan is known for its multicolored saris that are printed with hand carved blocks and natural vegetable dyes. This process has been preserved for centuries and relies on the desert heat, and the plants of the region to create dyes. A mastercarver prepares a block, using a series of small chisels, and creates an intricate pattern. Then a block printer will print the block using thickened vegetable dyes. In this class we will print with multiple colors using authentic blocks. We will discuss placement and design a textile art piece. We will then practice printing and create patterned textile art.

Date: Saturday, September 28

Time: 1:00pm to 4:30 pm

Location: 5719 Kingswood Court, Bethesday, MD 20814

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