Thanksgiving for Everyone inclusive community art project by Trisha Gupta Studio
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Thanksgiving for Everyone inclusive community art project by Trisha Gupta Studio

Thanksgiving for Everyone inclusive community art project by Trisha Gupta Studio     

When intimidated by the state of the world, some people build a taller wall; we build a longer table.

Amnesty International Rockville, Trisha Gupta Studio, and Sandy Spring Museum invite you to join us for a special pre-Thanksgiving dinner to “build a longer table.”  We will welcome newly arrived and long-settled refugees to break bread with new friends and enjoy food donated by the community. We will sing songs of welcome and engage in art projects related to telling our stories of displacement and the new homes we have built.

Imagine how you would feel if you lost your home, your family, and your friends. Today, more and more people all over the world find themselves in this situation. Refugees are being forced to run for their lives due to war, violence and persecution. Over half are children. They rely on the kindness of strangers to help them rebuild their lives in safety. For decades, Americans of many political stripes have welcomed refugees. But now, our country appears to be more divided than ever before. How can we unite behind our common humanity to once more welcome refugees?

Everyone is invited to attend this pre-Thanksgiving dinner.  All attendees are also invited to participate in a collaborative art project. Please consider donating a kitchen utensil or implement for the art project. The project encourages participants to  share their thoughts on their immigrant experience or journey. Come prepared to be creative!

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Solo Show: Reception

Yellow Barn Studio and Gallery

This exhibit features work that has been a decade in the making. What does it mean to be connected to two places? How do I make sense of what happens here and what happens there, and how do I create A whole out of these many parts? In my collographs, I look at train stations, hotels, bridges and monuments. The buildings are templates around which narratives appear. A building has an ever-evolving significance. Beyond the merely physical, it bears witness to our lives.

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For these pieces, I interview loved ones who have witnessed floods, terrorist attacks and daily life. I focus on their experiences of Mumbai and New York, both places that are critical to my identity. Although parallel structures exist in both places, the events that occur around them are jarringly dissimilar.  Each collograph represents a landmark, but filtered through the lens of a relative’s shifting personal narrative. This work gives personal experiences the commemoration I know they deserve. It reveals the hidden interior and lives behind the facade of recognizable and seemingly immutable structures.

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