Textile Art and Art Workshops

Textile Art and Art Workshops

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Thanksgiving for Everyone

After months of working on this project we have our first event in a museum. But here is the great news- and how it happened. The director of the Sandy Spring Museum has agreed to help us host our first large dinner. This dinner is specifically to raise awareness for our project. The director Allison Weiss met with Laura Peters and me a few weeks back. Allison is the executive director for the Sandy Spring Museum,and the organizer of the show, Uprooted: The Art of Refugees. The show was introspective and distinctive. It highlighted the work of six immigrant artist who shared artwork about their personal journeys. We told her about Amnesty’s longer table initiative and the artwork we have been working at longer table events. We now have a brief video that Jill Fredenburg has created for us that describes the project well. And Mrs. Weiss was interested in helping us. So we have arranged a large community dinner for November 22nd. Right now this is entirely volunteer run- was are finding donations for food and working on donations for art supplies. I am very excited to have room for up to 70 people at the event in this beautiful space.



A few Months back I competed at VisARTs to fund a project about immigration rights